Shades of Nature

The seasons like waves Crashing through earth with dormant strength Creeping steadily towards our incapability of imagining a world of color, monochromatic vision our only sight. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright ยฉ All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

Recently Forgotten

I havenโ€™t written about the stars recently. Their polar-white shades flashing and shimmering within the night sky creating constellation filled nights. Specks of Moondust decorating the night encasing the black with gems of guidance for all the lost souls in the world. I havenโ€™t written about the Moon recently, about my Moon about my solace….

Our Power

Do you ever sit back and reread your writing? As I sit here today and reread my poems I become lost in the waves of emotions, and stories hidden within each line. They Feel so foreign to me. I can pinpoint exactly where I was, and why I wrote each poem, yet It feels so…


ย  I feel the sunlight against me the warm wind of freedom, the power that sits within me. With a smile that rivalsย the sun I walk through this world, rejoicing in my blessings. Grateful for the opportunity to wake up, to live love and feel. Thank you Lord. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright ยฉ All Rights…

The World Keeps Spinning.

By- Gabriela Tejada Round and round, the world doesn’t stop spinning for anyone.Things change. People change. I changed. People enter and leave your life when you least expect it. As the year comes to an end, I think most of usย can agree that 2016 is a year that we never want to look back at….


Beautiful but intangible. I stare at you at night With your bright gleaming halo My need for just a glimpse of you Just A Tou ch The joy I receive from just a ray of your orb Mi luna coqueta Winking at me letting me know that you are listening Answering my silent pleading for…