In the Stars

I looked up past the passing clouds and straight to the blinding stars Tonight, as I looked up at the night sky I saw myself in the constellations. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

A Luxury

breathing became a luxury, a luxury She didn’t want anymore.   he had Her around the neck on an endless rope of five fingers four letter word of suffocation. Her resolve and dignity at his mercy. endlessly squeezing as, She sat on Her knees hands behind Her back like a natural born submissive. eyes clouded, glazed…

Crown of Stars

Smoke dances around her Fire ignites within her The word rotates beneath her. The Universe watches and smiles, as the Flower Child sings and dances, possessed by the purity of freedom and wholeness, consuming the strength and power of those before her. The Stars dance around her head, the gems of her Crown. She is home….

Night sky

She was lost in her thoughts tonight, Consumed by the thoughts of him. Outside the 88 constellations of a galaxy so beyond her reach made her feel small. Her favorite constellation was Cassiopeia, With her 5 stars, named after the goddess of vanity, she was beautiful. Tonight you could see hurt. The world could see…