In the Moment

What would you change if you were able to meet me again for the first time? I asked as we looked out into the mountains Nothing. you whispered Why? I questioned I can’t risk it. I can’t risk going back in time and something affecting us. I can’t risk never sharing this moment with you….

Impenetrable Pt1

By- Gabriela Tejada White shield of 12. Caged around her as she protects her universe of danger. Impenetrable by those trying to break the shield of ivory and red protecting her powers of purity. With the ability to capture you with valves, blind you with the hot blood that squirts out of her pulmonary arteries….


By- Julia Cabrera It was cold and you were warm. your hands held mine tightly, you constantly spoke into my ears. I LAID WITH YOU. It was beautiful. we spoke all night and you stared at me. you did all the boyfriend things you never did, For once it felt like it was just me…


Beautiful but intangible. I stare at you at night With your bright gleaming halo My need for just a glimpse of you Just A Tou ch The joy I receive from just a ray of your orb Mi luna coqueta Winking at me letting me know that you are listening Answering my silent pleading for…