“Every day has some night, but the beauty is knowing that the Moon shines just as bright as the Sun.” Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

Therefore, I was free

I had been so preoccupied building walls to insulate myself that I  hadn’t taken the time to know myself.  So I picked myself up off my ass and started sitting. …and so I sat. As I sat I decided to come to terms with my fears I decided to unravel and unwrap the layers that…

Look Up

Ever stop and just look up, maybe not up, but just around? We live in a bubble titled “me” population “1” sometimes “3” but in the end still a dot in this unimaginably never ending beautiful Universe. Most wander without a clue of the other, while we all have a book and all wonder for…

The Ocean

Hurt People Hurt Others. Mending People Stop To Try To Understand. Whole People Smile At The World And Appreciate The Rotations Of The Everyday Motions. Some People Look At The Life Of A Wave As A It Crashes Against The Sandy Shores Of Coarse Reality As Disappointing. “Realistic” They’d Say. “Beautiful.”  She’d Say. The Unpredictability And Spontaneity…


Today She Made Herself Proud. Gabriela Tejada ❤  

The Start of a New Book (Class of 2017)

…and she’s ready to close the chapter titled “Past” fingers on the pages of the next Chapter Chapter in the book titled  “Future” . On the eve of her Graduation she looks around Bittersweet she thought Proud she felt Ready she was. Let the light shine bright. Gabriela Tejada ❤        

Crown of Stars

Smoke dances around her Fire ignites within her The word rotates beneath her. The Universe watches and smiles, as the Flower Child sings and dances, possessed by the purity of freedom and wholeness, consuming the strength and power of those before her. The Stars dance around her head, the gems of her Crown. She is home….


Today she woke up, She felt tired, dreading the sunlight, the blessing of another breath. Not realizing how fast her life would change. Everyday is a blessing. Gabriela T ❤