…and she closed here eyes. She leaned her head outside the window and lived. She smiled, as she savored the sound of your laugh Aware of your hand on her thigh She closed her eyes and savored the now This blissful moment with you. Alive. Gabriela T ❤


“Whats your favorite flower?” The Sunflower. My own personal sun in a world of torment and pain Every petal a ray of life and light. It brings me hope and joy in the middle of winter. A sort of warmth that signifies moving forward, A sort of comfort only really expireanced through this flower. Portable sunshine on…

“Everything Happens for a Reason”

We tell ourselves “Everything happens for a reason.”, but do we really believe it? Is it just a coping mechanism we use in order to stay sane during pain and disbelief, or Is Destiny? Is it just humans need for comfort in the form of words Like a mantra, over and over again repeating these words…

A Love Story

The Ocean finally met the Stars. It’s horizon became one, molded into unimaginable bliss, As the Moon gravitated towards the Sun. Star-crossed lovers seperated by celestial beings became one.  An Ethereal Love Story.  -Gabriela T ❤