We become so jaded in life so used to being hurt that anything else is terrifying. We write every interaction off because we think everyone is the same without understanding that, that then means we are too. As cliché as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. We meet people for a reason. We live…

Late Nights’

With The Night Came Silence With The Silence Came Ever Changing Rapid Thoughts With The Thoughts Came Realization that Sleep Wasn’t Going To Come Tonight. Gabriela Tejada  ❤


As the Sun warmed her skin and the spring wind danced around her She smiled, The Sun shines just a tiny bit brighter Now. Gabriela T ❤

The Green’s and The Wind’s of May 1st

You can’t force these things. You can’t force the words to a beautiful poem, it’s a feelings that consumes you, feeds your soul the fruits of sanity. Not a mess of words that lack truth and emotions. It’s like trying to force love with the broken. Insanity. Repeating the same routines, weathering away as you…

Beautiful Sound of My Laugh

She was aware of their hidden secrets, deceitfulness, and lies. She smiled at their attempts to betray her, She laughed. They were unaware that She knew it all, She just didn’t care.   Gone with the old her, Replaced with a New Her.   Gone were the days where she pondered and worried, over Half-…


I realized tonight what love actually is.It isn’t mentally and physically abusive, but rather healthy and caring. You never hit me, but you came at me like a man would another. You would hit yourself punch your face over and over again. You would punch things close to me, I feared my life when around you….


​by Gabriela A.Tejada  Like the buoy in the middle of an ocean, inside I am calm, at peace.  I am me.  Around me there is a storm.  The winds are high, the waves crash upon me, with all its force trying to move me. But I can’t be moved. Nothing can move something that doesn’t…