Shades of Nature

  The seasons like waves Crashing through earth with dormant strength Creeping steadily towards our incapability of imagining a world of color, monochromatic vision our only sight. Gabriela A Tejada **Photo Credit – Gabriela A Tejada** Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


Today She Made Herself Proud. Gabriela Tejada ❤  

Soul Food

For the first time in a long time I cry happy tears. Tears consumed with pride, and self accomplishment.   My Soul is happy.   As I stood in front of the sea, everything stilled as I spoke. I Spoke with words filled with truth and heartbreak. Breaking down my Borderlands, breaking down their Borderlands….

You can run, but definitely can’t hide.

Every action warrants a reaction. Karma. Never seen but definitely always there. Every person they have hurt and have left broken. Every time they made you cry without a care. Let them laugh now, but they will eventually pay for your misery. Sit back and watch the best justice there is. Don’t ever forget that…

Beautiful Sound of My Laugh

She was aware of their hidden secrets, deceitfulness, and lies. She smiled at their attempts to betray her, She laughed. They were unaware that She knew it all, She just didn’t care.   Gone with the old her, Replaced with a New Her.   Gone were the days where she pondered and worried, over Half-…

Books in My Makeshift Library

-Gabriela T Silence. Hush Hush, Iron King. Speak Forever, Everneath Iron Queen. My love Lies Bleeding. Sweet Evil, Dark Kiss, Venom Fallen. Eternal Crave, Passion. Star-Crossed, Dreamless Night, The Dark Side. Afterlife. Dark Song, Just Listen. Entwined, Torment, Strange Angels Illuminate Wicked, Fallen. As I lay dying, Die For Me. Love, Death, Boundless. The Storyteller….


I realized tonight what love actually is.It isn’t mentally and physically abusive, but rather healthy and caring. You never hit me, but you came at me like a man would another. You would hit yourself punch your face over and over again. You would punch things close to me, I feared my life when around you….