April 24th

I think that in the end we all just want to be loved. That effortless type of love that doesn’t consume us, but warmly wraps around us. That healthy love that doesn’t lead to dependency, but rather allows us to love while continuing to be free. But how many of us wait for that type…

This is a love letter to my past Pains

I think that we need to appreciate all the trials the pain the grief we’ve been through. Embrace it all because through it all we fought to keep our sanity and came out of it whole. At that moment we fear for our being cry for what we think is the end of us without…

Our Home

We take for granted all that Mother Nature gives to us. We misuse and mistreat burn and hurt pull and throw away. We forget that without her we are nothing but with her absolutely everything. Thank you.   Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.


Take me to a place where the sun shines as bright as the moons glare off the stars shine and my soul’s reflection. Take me to your heart where I live on a pedestal created by your feelings painted blood red floating swimming within you within me alive. Gabriela A Tejada   Copyright © All…

F Train ( Years Later)

  Tonight she’s on the F train. Surrounded by strangers. Tired faces and smells she wouldn’t be able to describe. Looking around at their faces she sees their story. The frustrations of everyday struggles and hustle, the rush to get to point Z from point A. I look around and I find my reflection staring back…


  I’m lost at sea parched.  Salty cracks on my skin decorating me with life’s rough patches of solitude in solidarity with my need for moister.  Inevitable thirst.  A drought, but not for water,  A thirst for you. Gabriela A Tejada ~Images Taken by Me~ Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.  

Hues of Summer

Enjoying Summer  The Creation Of Flowers Of Natures Beauty.  Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Photos Taken by Me Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.