Intimate Dance With My Lover

You always loved it when I touched you. The anticipation always kept you on edge, Always craving the next sensation. Tracing your back with my hand Encasing you in my scent Marking your skin for no one else to see But you and me. A mere reminder of our Beautiful escapades. You’d bathe in my…


    Rays of Sun Shining Penetrating the Days Sky Lighting up the Earth.   Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


~Dear friend I hope God brings your young soul peace. Let him guide you through the indescribable pain you’re living through and please know that over time the pain will lessen. You will never forget so please don’t get bitter, but please know that it will get better.  No one will understand your specific pain…


They redefined what the word Love meant. Removing the selfish, inserting the selfless. Love is the beauty of well planted and soaked roots of trust from seeds of the strongest Souls- Mated together in the richest of soils. Strengthened by this solar systems glowing Star of light soaked by the Heavens in Holy rain surrounded…


“Every day has some night, but the beauty is knowing that the Moon shines just as bright as the Sun.” Gabriela A Tejada ❤ Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.