A bit of Faith

I’ve been finding it hard to fully understand what’s going on. I can spend hours reading and listening to the news, but it doesn’t matter. It feels like my mind can’t fully comprehend the current state of the world, the current state of humanity. All it’s done is cause fear. During our most trying times,…

Like the Ocean waves

This constant back and forth. Two different perspectives unable to let their guard down long enough to see the pain in each other’s eyes. Incapable of hearing the cry of just wanting to be heard and feel the need for one another. When do we finally allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to be loved? Gabriela…

Our Beacon

Little by little I can feel myself growing more comfortable in what we have more aware of what’s growing and while terrifying, it’s just as beautiful. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by ME unless stated otherwise.


As she climbed she broke free and at the top she was finally able to breathe She felt accomplished because she thought she couldn’t but obviously, she always can. On one of the last Sundays of 2019, you asked to take a hike you with you I didn’t know what to expect but I was ready. Like…

Self Accountability

Part of becoming aware is understanding what we’ve done. Growing through experiences, and maturing through reflection. Throughout our early stages in life, we aren’t fully aware of our actions and how they affected others, let alone how they affected us. Our words were loaded Our anger pistols Our dismissive attitude and self-absorbed ways were blackholes…


I hope that today you can look at your reflection and understand that there’s more to you than what you see.  Gabriela A Tejada     Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Undressing my Conscience

You held me tight as you walked me to the mirror slowly guiding me in front of me now staring back is my reflection.   You asked me What do you see I smiled and in my most authentic self I expressed that I saw deep brown eyes holding novels and supermassive black hole galaxies….

Self Care

She was dropped in the middle of the ocean without knowing how to swim, regretting all of those years she depended on other forms of safety to maneuver the waves of life. As she slowly sank to the bottom As she slowly started to drown she quickly learned, thus, becoming her own savior. Gabriela A…


 She got tired of Swimming with the current, So she stopped. She stopped, and started running against it. Gabriela A Tejada  Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.