My Wings Have Arrived

I’ve been changing, different phases of the moon different faces, different chapter of my life changing phrases, slowly growing up with time I’m just waking, Shallow words slowly dripping from their mouth Just cascading, Their bad thoughts spinning round They just hating, I’m just chasing big bright dreams I’m just grateful. Grateful for everything, I’m…


… and then the Sun came up. The light broke through the  skies horizon,  through the clouds, penetrated the night, the demons put to rest.  Daylight.    For so long she ran from the light, ran afraid of the unquestionable positivity and vulnerability that came with the warmth of each ray. She was afraid of…


As I walked I reminisced dwelled on the past the pain the broken. As I ran it all vanished. With each stride the past fell further behind me With each breath I exhaled and my vision cleared to the beauty of the future. I regained focus. I regained freedom from negativity, re-found me. With each step that…


…and she closed here eyes. She leaned her head outside the window and lived. She smiled, as she savored the sound of your laugh Aware of your hand on her thigh She closed her eyes and savored the now This blissful moment with you. Alive. Gabriela T ❤

Books in My Makeshift Library

-Gabriela T Silence. Hush Hush, Iron King. Speak Forever, Everneath Iron Queen. My love Lies Bleeding. Sweet Evil, Dark Kiss, Venom Fallen. Eternal Crave, Passion. Star-Crossed, Dreamless Night, The Dark Side. Afterlife. Dark Song, Just Listen. Entwined, Torment, Strange Angels Illuminate Wicked, Fallen. As I lay dying, Die For Me. Love, Death, Boundless. The Storyteller….