In a blink

Pretty insane how fast everything can change. Take a moment tonight and appreciate everything around you. Give Thanks and reflect Love and let love. Thank you for it all, Lord. Gabriela A Tejada   Copyright Β© All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by Gabriela A Tejada

My Wings Have Arrived

I’ve been changing, different phases of the moon different faces, different chapter of my life changing phrases, slowly growing up with time I’m just waking, Shallow words slowly dripping from their mouth Just cascading, Their bad thoughts spinning round They just hating, I’m just chasing big bright dreams I’m just grateful. Grateful for everything, I’m…


Today she woke up, She felt tired, dreading the sunlight, the blessing of another breath. Not realizing how fast her life would change. Everyday is a blessing. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright Β© All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

Sunday the 22, My Birthday

Tomorrow I start the first day of my final semester at my dream school. Today it’s my birthday. It’s a Sunday. Life works in mysterious ways, one day its black and white the next colors you never knew existed. Life is unpredictable, unthinkable, unique. Many of us ride the waves of everyday and daily routines…


Β  I feel the sunlight against me the warm wind of freedom, the power that sits within me. With a smile that rivalsΒ the sun I walk through this world, rejoicing in my blessings. Grateful for the opportunity to wake up, to live love and feel. Thank you Lord. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright Β© All Rights…