In a blink

Pretty insane how fast everything can change. Take a moment tonight and appreciate everything around you. Give Thanks and reflect Love and let love. Thank you for it all, Lord. Gabriela A Tejada   Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by Gabriela A Tejada

Our Beacon

Little by little I can feel myself growing more comfortable in what we have more aware of what’s growing and while terrifying, it’s just as beautiful. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by ME unless stated otherwise.

A Dance by the Ocean

  As the wind whirled around me all I wanted was to dance. A soft waltz with the ocean’s waves as the wind held my waist just a slow song filled with warmth and tranquility. Take me back to my home by the sea Where I close my eyes and time stops where the song…


Today I turn 25 It’s a Wednesday I am truly blessed. 24 was filled with so many new experiences, but also lessons. We are constantly evolving and growing as people, but not everyone is meant to evolve with us. 24 was an incredible year, but I’m excited about what 25 will bring. Thank you, God for…

In the Moment

What would you change if you were able to meet me again for the first time? I asked as we looked out into the mountains Nothing. you whispered Why? I questioned I can’t risk it. I can’t risk going back in time and something affecting us. I can’t risk never sharing this moment with you….

Our Home

I appreciate all that you give to us Mother Nature.  Hopefully, we will all start to treat you with the respect that you deserve. Gabriela Tejada Copyright © All Rights Reserved. All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.


  If everyone that left or was removed from my life within the last decade was a flower, I’d have a beautiful garden filled with thorn-covered roses. A beautiful garden filled with lessons and memories that I would admire from afar, but would never think to pick again.   Each year I make it a point…

Holiday Hues

  New York City, there’s just something so charming about your chaotic madness.   Most days I find myself jaded as I rush home, head down trying to avoid the city crowds.  Day in, day out constantly complaining about the crowds without understanding the beauty within it. Very rarely taking a moment to open my eyes and…


As she climbed she broke free and at the top she was finally able to breathe She felt accomplished because she thought she couldn’t but obviously, she always can. On one of the last Sundays of 2019, you asked to take a hike you with you I didn’t know what to expect but I was ready. Like…