August 21st

A cherished place 

always allowing me to recharge

and be vulnerable. 

An old friend.

A beautiful forest.

Even being fully aware of climate change, I never expected to see you dry. 

A metaphor, almost β€”

a drought. 

I was alone for a while,

marveling in sadness over the empty lake bed 

concerned over the animals and parched trees

the energy is different but always serenity. 

An older woman joined, parking next to me in the shade

her pup greeting me from the back window. 

I continued to watch and write. 

At the end of her walk she expressed sadness over the lake, explaining that she learned it is not only dry because of the drought but also because of β€˜some maintenance’.  

A bit of relief knowing you will be filled again. Climate change very real. 

A reminder that even in drought (self), maintenance (care) is important. 

Happy Sunday. 

Gabriela A Tejada 

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All images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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