At least my lips will never forget


You miss what we had and once loved, but most of all wanted.

Our moments in time. Singular in that even when we were together, all that mattered was you.

Time travel always bittersweet,

every time left with the same feeling,

same painful heartache.

The conversations play out over and over

vivid memories slowly fading

with time and still unanswered questions, our heart changes words in hopes of that day ending differently. I guess masochists in more ways than one, but we always enjoyed that.

Our favorite part.

At that moment it was all we wanted, all we needed.

At this moment, it’s a lesson.

You tell me you miss the passion, the words, stolen glances

the touches, soft moments, Me.

And while you’ll always be remembered by my lips,

this was your decision.

Miss me a bit quieter.

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All images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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