I still vividly remember writing last year’s birthday post. Vulnerably describing my fears of the future’s unknown. I was in Florida, a bit blue because my birthday meant another year, but really just anxious about what was to come.Β 

26 was absolutely beautiful. Every single day filled with lessons, adventure, understanding, love, growth. There was also pain, but it was all just so beautifully unexpected that I am grateful for it all. For whom I met, what I did, for it all. One of my favorite chapters so far. Very grateful for it. I promised myself to always look back to it fondly, using it as a base. I can’t accept anything lessΒ now.

27. With you comes 365 days of endless blessings & possibilities. 

I am giving 27 to myself. 

Every single day. 


I pray that with 27 comes memories and experiences that I can hold close to my heart forever. Adventures with my people, love, laughter, tranquility, and prosperity. Thank you for another year, God. ❀

Always remember..The best is yet to come.

Gabriela Tejada

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All images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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