Yearly Reflection *2021*

Cadiz, Spain

I love doing these yearly reflections because they force me to relive and reconnect with moments that have begun to fade in color, but that really molded me.

The lessons and experiences significant.

January 1st, to December 31st. An evolving woman.

Each year is completely different. Each year is lived differently. You will never experience the same exact anything again. That experience is uniquely tied to that very specific moment in time. Another beautiful realization I came to this year; you can share an experience with someone, but their reality, because of how they think and feel, truly makes it different. Our perspectives are unique to us, as our emotions. Some capable of feeling more, others choose to feel less. It’s just all complex and interesting.

There were so many soft moments this year. Very gentle and intimate experiences shared quietly and tenderly. Vulnerable moments filled with whispered words of fear and love. Painful moments. Moments that felt endless in pleasure, others endless in agony. Laughter. Moments that actually took our breath away. Many filled with unimaginable love. I Love you. I love you too. And then those moments experienced once in a lifetime. Those moments that we have to force ourselves to never forget. We must continue to relive and retell them. The moments that make us. Our history.

I remember walking off the plain in Andalusia, Spain, taking a breath while I looked at the beautiful trees and thinking “Wow”. My first time in Southern Spain and it took my breath away. I shared that moment with my family. A complicated relationship with that side, but that trip really tenderly bonded us. I’m happy we got to share those moments.

I started really seeing my body and being gentle with my body this year. A critical relationship filled with years of self-neglect started to repair as I looked in the mirror and allowed myself to reintroduce myself to myself for the first time.


We experienced magic. Together we experienced something so powerful that it brought us to our knees. Humbling and shaking us both to our core. Magnificent to have been able to share that with you, regardless of it all. Like a Greek tragedy, but softer and a little less dramatic. A cherished chapter. An almost forever “I love you & I love you too”. Softly.

Life is beautiful. There is truly just beauty in everything, and we are just so blessed to be allowed to be healthy and alive. The last two years have humbled us. We needed to be humbled.

I hope 2021 brought you unforgettable moments. Moments that you will hold close to your heart and remember when you feel you have nothing left. I also hope 2021 brought you all a lot of needed warmth and patience. Love and forgiveness. It’s been an intense two years but I’m proud of how far we’ve come.

I hope to breathe poetry into 2022.

Manifesting Love and more soft moments.

Adventures and prosperity.

Positivity and health.

Unity and perseverance.

Understanding and continual growth.

Don’t forget, the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year!  Happy 2022!

Gabriela A Tejada

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  1. A great way to remember what has been a very difficult year for many. Let’s hope that 2022 brings a better year for those that have suffered so much in 2021.

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