Tell me the story of your most beautiful love/most painful heartbreak..

Hi Readers,

For most of us it’s Saturday night and we’re home. All of us going through something, good or bad, but nonetheless.. something.

Tell me the story of that love that felt like magic, and that heartbreak that destroyed but molded you.

Let us talk. Leave a comment.

Gabriela A Tejada

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  1. Good prompt!
    There was a pattern of me falling for a woman because of her great qualities and ignoring the bad ones. Until I became single a few years ago.
    I met a great woman, and we got along so well that on our first date people came up and asked how long we had been married. It was wonderful, until that one day.
    Long story short, she turned out to be racist. It killed me, after all the good things, but I am not that same guy as before. I ended it immediately. I no longer put up with dealbreakers.

    But that’s love. Transient, fleeting sometimes. Barring death, you can really only have one love that lasts.

    What was your heartache?

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    1. Mine was passion and felt exactly how I imagine magic feels like. I thought I understood what passion was, but I knew nothing until him. All the songs & poetry made sense after him. Ultimately, it didn’t work because of communication. We communicated great when together but struggled when not. He came back to fight for us, and a few weeks later we got in an argument, and he left again. All of that work to come back .. to just leave when he got overwhelmed. Love is a choice, and when life came knocking, he couldn’t handle it anymore. Why come and disrupt my life again to just leave when it gets hard? As much as our love was incredibly beautiful, it takes two willing partners to make a relationship work. Thank you for sharing your story. I also am no longer putting up with dealbreakers. Lesson learned. 🌙

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      1. Thank you for sharing that. Heartbreaking. That must have been hard to leave.
        Im not sure i ever felt magic , or felt that strongly for one person. Now it would take a while. That first rush is great but i don’t trust it. It takes time. It’ll happen when it happens.

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      2. The older I get, the wiser. I always thought of love as this type of fairytale, but it only gets to be that if both people want it to be that way. Relationships take work. Understanding. Trust. supportive. This time I’ve learned my lesson. Thank you 🌙

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      3. Yes. That’s why all the stories end with the wedding. They cant show all the work.
        I think if its real you should never stop trying to win each other over. Never take each other for granted.

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      4. I agree, but it takes both to want to work on it for it to actually work. When one person leaves when things get hard instead of trying, there really is no point. Why would he return, to just leave 6 weeks later when it gets hard? Love is work, and he didn’t want to anymore. But I agree with you.


      5. It does take both. If one leaves, they weren’t right, and weren’t strong enough for you. You deserve more!
        Its puzzling, yes. But you have to stop giving chances after a while, for your own safety and protection.

        I hope you find peace. And, that you find someone worthy of you. ❤️

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      6. cdsmiller17 says:

        A mended vase may look the same as before, but the cracks are still there.

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      7. Sad, but very true. God is trying to tell me something, it’s time I listen. Thank you🌙


    2. Hamsa Carina says:

      I’m still getting used to the idea of a fleeting love. I had a relationship with someone I really love…I wanted to stay with him forever as much as I can… the first should be the last, that’s my ideology. I prayed hard and begged harder (which when I think about it now, is wrong in so many ways)…I wanted a fairytale.. so I gave this relationship my all… I stayed despite the red flags and even with my intuition telling me to flee. All because I want forever with this person. He left and came back again. Left and came back again. In between those gaps when he left me he was doing things I would never do to him. My heart was broken repeatedly until I couldn’t feel it anymore. Even then I gave chances and even now when we are already apart, part of me still hopes. “Love is too short, and forgetting is too long.”


      1. Eventually, you learn not to trust anyone with your heart. But then, you learn to trust, but slowly, without losing yourself, and without giving yourself to someone who won’t treat you right.
        It will happen, the right way. ❤️


  2. Abhi says:

    6 years I was with her. Things chaned when our priorities changed. Friends for her and my family for me. We still talk and trying to figure out ways to return to the place where we were. Love is simply a choice we make…. Either to love or not to love!

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    1. Love definitely is a choice. For me, Love, will always be the choice. I hope you two have been able to work it out. It takes time. 🌙


  3. asimpledudeblogs says:

    I look forward to posting!


  4. I just followed your blog and I absolutely love it so far 💜🤞

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