The art of Silence.

It’s pretty interesting how my emotions tend to work, at least for me. Either I feel a lot or nothing at all. I can be okay one moment, and something can set me off, and I sometimes become a totally different person. It was a lot worse when younger, the older and more I’ve gotten to learn myself, the better I am at understanding, regulating, and letting go.  

Recently, I learned a very important lesson (with the help of those around me who love and support me); I learned the importance of Silence.

The Last Word.

I always needed it. I felt like I wasn’t complete without having it. I won’t say that I was an argumentative person, definitely not an angry person, but when taken to one extreme, I always needed to have the last word. I needed to have it to feel, inside, like I had nothing left and everything was out in the open. But why continue to waste my energy trying to make someone understand my point when obviously it didn’t work when I tried communicating like an adult.  

The frustrations of not being understood, not being listened to, of trying to communicate with the broken and emotionally illiterate. When dealing with people like this, or just if ever in a situation where I’ve tried objectively and am still not being heard, I now simply walk away.

Most poke and hope for a reaction, others jab out of frustration, out of not getting what they thought they could from you, so now we respond with silence.

Walking away allows you back your power, allows you to be and decide, and just walk away with dignity.

This week I walked away, with the help of those close to me, and I’m incredibly proud.


Thank you, now stranger. You taught me an important lesson; you taught me the importance of saving my energy for those who actually matter and letting unnecessary people go.

Gabriela A Tejada

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  1. Mark says:

    Absolutely….for me, it’s called letting go knowing that in the end, everything will work out. Very nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I’m glad my words resonated with you. I honestly have always struggled with this, but you are absolutely right! Everything in the end does work out. We got this! 🌙


  2. Tom says:

    This really resonated with me … you captured that inner frustration and gradual thawing into acceptance perfectly – sometimes the best solution is to know when words just won’t work.

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    1. It’s interesting. I finally feel like I’m slowly understanding adulthood, and just what it means to properly mature and flourish. Thank you! 🌙

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  3. Pejj Nunes says:

    Last September 28th my husband of 22 years died. I did simple had to step back into what I call my quiet place, where I can think and process. Where I can come to my own conclusions about my life. Becoming suddenly single at 66? What was I to do about that? Well it will be a year soon, and I have a way forward where I can see how to reshape my life. It took going into my quiet zone to where I could feel my feelings and process them. Feel I was in balance again. Best wishes! Pejj

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    1. Pejj, from reading this and traveling through your page, I can tell that you’re a strong woman. I mostly resonated with this line from your homepage “As to who I am? I am not so sure when this will be discovered. ” I constantly think of this, but also believe that since we are constantly evolving, there really is no answer. We are all the things that make us feel, including heartbreak. We are our experiences, memories, feelings, family, lovers, we are Poets. Today makes a year from the passing of your husband, and I just want to say that I really am sorry for your loss. You should be proud of how much you’ve pushed forward. 66 is the new 36! Live your life now without holding back. Feel! Thank you for the beautiful comment and for sharing that with me. Silence is important, especially when we’re on the verge of losing ourselves. Take care 🌙

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      1. Pejj Nunes says:

        Thank you for your lovely response. I have learned a lot of things over this past year. Listening to myself, and just being present to reflect on Tom’s death and myself. I found that the way I mourn Tom is different than others seem to do. We had a lovely relationship, and we had a strong bonding friendship. This type of silence allow me to feel my feelings and find a place for them to be. At this point I have turned to blogging about my thoughts, and my art form. I think that this next year will find me doing a lot of this. It has helped, pen paling has helped. I save the morning to write in generally, but do come back and forth if I have a thought. It remind me of when I was working on my degree program because it gives structure to the day, 8 to 12 is writing and taking time for me, 12 to 8 is stdio time with art, evenings and week ends time off, This seems to work. I don’t worry about when I get up so that I have rest. I am being consistent with moving forward with my goals for Shibui doing so. I listen to a book on blogging and the reader told about the benefits of blogging when it comes to writing. Thanks again! Have a great day!


      2. Pejj Nunes says:

        Oh! LOL I really do not feel 66, more like the 36. I would jump on the bed but know I would break it or something on me, it would be the same if I ran , dropped and rolled! So I have decided against it! A no go!


  4. It is better to let it go. let it float away. leave it. turn your back on it.


  5. Galen says:

    Silence, after all, is golden. I believe that there’s a lot of wisdom in that old saying.


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