Your Chapter

β€œI’m not entirely sure what it was..” I tell myself fully knowing that that’s a lie. I know exactly why. I know why I allowed you to stay past your expiration, why I let you warm my bed and heart a little longer. The addiction. The anticipation. The need. The rush. The lust. The Intimacy….

August 24th

Excited. I’m excited to live. Let’s own our lives and allow ourselves to be happy. Happy Tuesday! Gabriela A Tejada **Follow my Instagram @astronomicalpoet & Twitter @Astropoet22 ** All images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

August 9th

There is fear in understanding ourselves. The one constant person in our life, the one we usually know the least about. When we decide to sit and understand, we stand up naked. I’m in a phase of self-awakening. That means; reflection, vulnerability, rawness, and every other word you thought of when you read that short, but…

August 1st

The amount of personal growth and self-reflection that I’ve done the last two/three years makes me proud. Now, I say that as a 26-year-old woman who still has a lot more life to live, but I’m grateful.Β  I plan on posting more this month. I want to be vulnerable and allow you all into my…