After losing control of my energy, ..I felt awake again.

As I climbed to the edge of the cliff, I felt invincible. I felt my own strength as I fought, grounded by Mother Nature.  I felt the power surrounding me, slowly destroying any words of doubt, filling my lungs up with fresh air of strength and ambition.

More and more, I learn about how much my surrounding affects me. I can wake up and feel alive, and the next day wake up and feel absolutely nothing but dread. Being surrounded by nature helps keep me sain, and I wouldn’t trade being surrounded by her for anything.

I hope you are all okay. 

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. vgeorg says:

    You are wonderful part of beautiful nature. Stay safe. Summer hugs 🌞

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      I honestly always appreciate your positive comments. Thank you! I hope you’re also staying safe 🌙

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  2. Can never go wrong with Nature, Gabriela.


  3. Simon says:

    That look like a great trip…. I’m trying to keep sane lol


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