A bit of Faith


I’ve been finding it hard to fully understand what’s going on.
I can spend hours reading and listening to the news, but it doesn’t matter.
It feels like my mind can’t fully comprehend the current state of the world, the current state of humanity. All it’s done is cause fear.
During our most trying times, we need to be the most centered the most aligned with God and our ability to overcome even the hardest moments.
While the world is losing its mind, make sure to maintain your humanity.

Gabriela A TejadaΒ 

Copyright Β© All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Sidharth says:

    “While the world loses its mind, make sure to maintain your humanity.” Such a beautiful thought. Together we can & together we will overcome this nightmare. Thank you for sharing such a profound and meaningful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. πŸ™‚πŸ™

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      Together we can! Thank you for the kind words and for readingπŸŒ™

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  2. Tom Schultz says:

    It can be difficult, no doubt, to cope with the crescendo of events. I live in Detroit, which is considered to be a hotspot. But, yesterday the local newspaper published a story that Ford Motor Co (HQed in my home ) will be producing 50,000 ventilators in 3 months. And I saw on Twitter a story of a 101 year old guy in Italy who recovered from COVID-19, just like he survived the Holocaust and the Spanish flu.

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      That’s part of the beauty of life. There is so much darkness in the world right now, but there are still so many amazing people trying to help fight this. Those 50,000 ventilators will safe thousands, if not millions. That 101yr gentleman deserves his own Netflix doc! Thank you for sharing, and I hope you and your family are staying healthy. πŸŒ™

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      1. Tom Schultz says:

        You take care as well and keep sharing your poetry.

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      2. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

        I will πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸŒ™

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  3. Mark says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and sharing the faith. With all the media and even much of the negativity out in the world, it can be overwhelming and we all do get lost from time to time. Although I would never wish such tragic events or a pandemic on anyone, perhaps it will give many of us time for pause and reflection and turn more fully to God for peace. 1 John 4: 16-18

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      Thank you for reading. Recently I’ve found myself praying more and more, praying in fear knowing that he’s listening and protecting us. I live in one of the hard-hit hubs, and learning of people I know passing because of this has really rattled my emotions. In times like this, we have nothing else to do but to stop and gain perspective. To stop and become one with God. πŸŒ™


  4. Hang in there young love, it’s not that bad as it seems.


  5. vgeorg says:

    Gabriela you know art is forever.


  6. FLOALOGY says:

    Very well said and encouraging, take care my poetic friend!


  7. Hi I totally understand your fear it’s a normal response and yes it’s important to lean into God. I’ve written a few pieces that speak into this time that might encourage you – if you want to have a look at some of the writing, I’ve only just started up and am new on here too. But am loving reading others work!! Just know there will be victory for us all on the other side of this suffering. X

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