Undressing my Conscience

You held me tight as you walked me to the mirror slowly guiding me in front of me now staring back is my reflection.   You asked me What do you see I smiled and in my most authentic self I expressed that I saw deep brown eyes holding novels and supermassive black hole galaxies….


She took her pain and made them lessons. A student of life teaching herself from each lesson all for the better all for the whole. Gabriela A Tejada Copyright © All Rights Reserved.All Images were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Calming Breath

Each Sunset brings with it a sort of unexplainable calm each color representing the palette of life the shades of living. As I watch the night break I take a breath each night as I watch the Moon rise and the Sunset I’m aware that it’s the purest breath I’ve taken that day.  Gabriela A…


The importance of self-love means understanding our ability to say NO. It means that in our hands we hold the final decision. Because in self-care, and creating healthy boundaries, we are the Judge and Jury. We are law. You loved yourself enough to let them go, so love yourself enough to heal Internalize Feel Learn…