Burning White

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 2.31.36 PM
White Painting- Robert Rauschenberg

blinded by the rays of sunshine

penetrating her bedroom window

soaking the warmth,

the uncanny comfort that the giant star

of unimaginable heat blessed her with

she turns over,

with it, the reality of her current actuality sinks in

shaking off her resting demons from their comfortable

the softness of the white carpet underneath her freshly manicured toes

the sound of the wind against her window

causes her to close her eyes and imagine

the peacefulness

that is the warm Spring breeze against her body.

wishing for a different now,

working for a better than,

a greater later

the four walls of peace,

the whites wash over her like a wave

penetrating her ocean of selfless and awareness

music plays now,

consuming her every emotion

as her body glides around the room

enchanted and entranced by the rhythmic vibrations

of one of the worlds greatest gift to the ears,

to the soul

the dance of the soul,

the beat as her bones

rattle and chime

the song of the being

four white walls,

nature and

peace full ness

burning white

with unknowns and blessings.

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. I like it. One thing: “shaking off her resting demons from their comfortable” left me wondering: comfortable what? Comfortableness seems a bit stilted, so I thought something like this sounded good: disturbing the comfort of her resting demons, or: disrupting the comfort of her resting demons. – Terry


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