eyes closed
sitting on the train
over analyzing the same thoughts that have been running within herself for as long as she’s been asleep.
the feeling of the fleeting
the joy of the night dimmed by the over-concentration of the never changing fact that it’s dead.
back and forth darling,
back and forth goes her thoughts
on a carousel.
attempting to get off,
but the speed keeps escalating
never slowing just accelerating.
round and round
the constant reminder
reminders of the similar sounds
of the pelleting rain against her window
against his cheeks
against the trees and the leaves
and the overarching need to be drowned
by the control of her own choices and thoughts.
forgetting to forget
instead choosing to drown.
It’s easier to let go and succumb to the gravitational pull of the bottom of the sea then fight the pull towards the Sun as it’s rays of tranquility try to hold you
pull you up with its’ astronomical force
 of assurance and acceptance.
pitch black surrounded by swimming demons
grinning fallen angels,
submerged by the weight of other decisions.
as her feet touch the bottom of the ocean
 of gone despair nothing but calmness remains
nothing but peace from the
 torment and uneasiness,
peace from the old.

awoken to the new and peaceful.
eyes open
back on the train,
back to the ever-changing realities
of the blessings of life.

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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