Recently Forgotten


I haven’t written about the stars recently.

Their polar-white shades flashing and shimmering within the night sky

creating constellation filled nights.

Specks of Moondust decorating the night

encasing the black with

gems of guidance for all the lost souls in the world.

I haven’t written about the Moon recently,

about my Moon

about my solace.

Been so occupied and preoccupied with

first world

my world

adult world

daily problems and stress

that the shine of the brightest diamond

has been dimmed by the overproduction of my ever consuming thoughts.

My life has been in a constant state of low tied,

just craving the highs of the Moon.

I haven’t written about the sky recently.

I haven’t admired its shapeshifting

color changing power

millions of shades

of names

of days and nights

and the sky still shines

even when grey and cloudy.

Beautiful even when we forget to admire it.

I haven’t written about the Clouds and the Rain,

about the soothing smell of rain

the pitter patter of its song

the smell right before,

the doorbell

alarming us of its arrival

allowing us a moment to prepare for the glorious rain about to enter our life.

The shades and shapes of grey of each unique cloud,

created to be perceived differently.

I haven’t written about snow recently,

about the fluffy mini clouds

that cover the ground in a blanket of white

after a while grey.

The pre-snow anticipation of what comes during and after

like a child waiting for their Christmas presents,

snow signifies youth and playfulness

all things I have forgotten  about recently.

I haven’t written about the night.

The peace that the night brings me is like no other,

I lay on the ground and look up admiring

and counting

and thinking


about everything staring back at me

looking a me

millions of years from now

When all I will be is a legacy.

I haven’t written about that recently,

about the comfort that wraps around me at night when surrounded by the planets and stars

and shades and faith

and love that radiates from all nights’ sky.

I haven’t written about that recently,

I haven’t written about a lot.

I guess I’ve become too busy to realize that I have stopped admiring what I love.

The world around me,

the things so far out of reach with my fingertips

but so close to see and feel within our minds and souls,

I’ve forgotten about you.

I think today I will write about it all.

I know today I will stop and admire my sky and world

I feel like today I will look up and breathe and see

No, not just see

but feel the earthy sky as I look up.

From morning to night the shades changing

shapes moving

stars coming and going

the Moon and Sun, star-crossed lovers always almost meeting

but always too far for a caress.

I think today I will stop and look and smell and feel

then close my eyes to fully imprint it into my soul

imprint the skies nature

and color into me so that

those days that I forget I can remember.

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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