A Luxury

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Anders Røkkum

breathing became a luxury,

a luxury She didn’t want anymore.


he had Her around the neck on an endless rope of five fingers

four letter word of suffocation.

Her resolve and dignity at his mercy.

endlessly squeezing as,

She sat on Her knees hands behind Her back

like a natural born submissive.

eyes clouded, glazed over by the reality of the magnitude of

Her impending death.

he squeezed and squeezed as

She contemplated Her death over his

love and affection“,

and then he let Her go.

he always admired the marks he left around Her neck,

like an artist admiring their work.

always making sure to stop right

before She falls into unconsciousness because

“Where is the fun if you become unaware?”

he’d say as he smiled.


She gasped,

then She coughed.

Her breathing labored

Heartbeat erratic,

hands all over her face

as it cleared away the fallen tears,

and streams of sweat.

every night it was the same


every night as She panicked Her way into consciousness

all She wanted was to wake up



like clockwork, after ever dream

She gets up from her bed and walks over to Her mirror,

and every night you can hear her humorless laugh

as She says

“just because the marks aren’t there for all to see,

doesn’t mean the pain isn’t there for me to feel.”

Gabriela A Tejada ❤

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


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    1. Theastronomicalpoet says:


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      1. You’re very welcome. It’s a great piece.

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  2. NoTos says:

    (I will NOT cry in Starbucks!) But you make it difficult. 🙂

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      There is nothing wrong with tears!!!
      Thank you for such kind words they mean so much to me🌙

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