“My Sun, My Light” Taken by Me

… and then the Sun came up.

The light broke through the

 skies horizon, 

through the clouds,

penetrated the night,

the demons put to rest. 



For so long she ran from the light,

ran afraid of the unquestionable positivity and vulnerability that

came with the warmth of each ray.

She was afraid of letting go,

so accustomed to the dark that she ultimately

became afraid of the light.


As she writes a faint smile paints her pale pink lips,

She awoke early today to face her demons,

she awoke early to fall in love with the Suns early rays,

with the day’s gift of life

with her own light.

Gabriela Tejada ❤

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. yuhublogger says:

    A lovely poem. I love how the character comes into terms with things. I was just wondering why the font size is too low.

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    1. Theastronomicalpoet says:

      Thank you! I’m sorry about the font, I never realized it before,I will go back and make the font larger.

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  2. Beautifuly versed.❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Theastronomicalpoet says:

      Thank you. 💕🐙

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  3. reality says:

    Wonderful poetry. You hit many salient points on the head for humanity at this time too; not just the somatic, personal. Positivism, or optimism is better than pessimism or cynicism, yet, not by much. One can discern that optimism is a mask behind which a pessimist hides; for, if one were in touch with reality, one wouldn’t need to paint rosey pictures, see through rose colored glasses, etc.- and they’d be more so, themselves and in touch with reality. Thereby, their solutioning with reality would also be more so and they’d be happier, more successful, etc.. Also, dropping the duality of light vs. dark, for dualities don’t exist, we find a vital role dark plays in your poem; and humanity as a whole, also individually. Of course, in these dark times, going in the direction of light not only puts one’s shadows squarely behind one, yet, it also realizes a preponderance of saturation, experientially, spiritually, etc.. Yet, not embracing the reality of darkness within and without us has consequences, some of which can be grave; ergo, humanity is facing it’s extinction in the near future, etc.. So, the more primal aspects of dark saturation can be vital as well; for e.g., understanding one’s inner male or female aspects, anima, animus (Carl Jung), discerning and experiencing one’s subconscious relations to reality, our and animal or primal instincts- these are rooted in humanity’s precognitive past. For before we had speech, life was much more like our neighbor animals than many are aware of, etc.. Then, of course there are our relations to our and humanity’s collective unconscious; an entirely different bowl of cherries. Yet, without our strengthening our relations to a more subconsciously connected self, community we risk the utter end of humanity and consciousness as we know it, itself. We can walk, as indigenous wisdom suggests, in nature’s balnce, giving back to it’s abundance, ever evolving into the illimitable potential, and as indivisible as life, that any human can be. Copy, share as you will. Thanks for all you do and don’t; have a better day. reality

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