Look Up

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.15.43 PM

Ever stop and just look up,

maybe not up, but just around?

We live in a bubble titled “me”

population “1” sometimes “3”

but in the end still a dot

in this unimaginably never ending beautiful Universe.

Most wander without a clue of the other,

while we all have a book and all wonder for greener sides

we don’t stop enough in our day to day to be thankful.

We don’t stop enough to realize that the world is massive

And yes, our problems are important to us,

but in the end as time goes by we learn how insignificant it all is.

I look back and I shake my head and smile.

I look back in time and see that while my mind was clouded with pain I wasn’t able to see the beautiful lessons.

Lessons from experiences that at the time were so detrimental to the old me, that if continued would have hindered this new me.

Its’ incredible how in that moment we don’t realize how miniscule and forgettable these problems will be in the near future.

Try to get up today and give thanks, then look around and remind yourself that life while not infinite, and at times painful is still beautiful.

The pain of today, won’t matter in the future.

Live for your happiness.

Radical Honesty.

Gabriela T ❤

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