The Green’s and The Wind’s of May 1st

“Beautiful day in Central Park” Taken by Me

You can’t force these things.

You can’t force the words to a beautiful poem, it’s a feelings that consumes you, feeds your soul the fruits of sanity. Not a mess of words that lack truth and emotions.

It’s like trying to force love with the broken. Insanity.

Repeating the same routines, weathering away as you placed onto them all you have. Over and over as they break more.

10-0 as they say, they’ve named their demons.

As you try and try, but the broken can’t be fixed when you’re the only one who cares.

The broken stays broken. You don’t want that.

Temporarily held together by an easy fix, to only fall worse as time comes. Karma.

It’s like forcing a much needed break from reality.

When done right you reach the Stars, when done wrong you’re only left with more want.

As I sit outside with the Moon and May’s nature, I think of the process. The New, the old, the dead. There is now peace in my heart.


Gabriela T ❤

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