Gasping for air as Icropped-screen-shot-2017-05-05-at-12-39-48-am.png

break the atmosphere -surpassing my ability to understand what I already know

-to believe as my heart tells me

I told you so,

it’s getting harder to breathe, – my lungs collapsing under the weights of the lashings and – unjustified stabbings from your venomous tongue

against my body, as it glides over each inch of God’s given blessing to those holy enough to get a taste

your venomous tongue slides its’ way in, lied its’ way in

what is not yours will kill you, and that’s what happened to you when you tried to go against God.

You tasted the divine fruits of my universe, insatiable-

It killed you.

Refusing to maintain and entertain your sin(ful) ways.

Enjoy the thirst.

Gabriela T ❤

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