Tinted by Black and White

Such a complex species,
the human race.

with its’ vast amount
of different emotions.
with its’ never ending imagination,
unimaginable capacity to withstand and endure
life’s obscurities.

all unique,
but all in a way trying
to be the same.
all put in a box.

in this box, all then sorted into different categories.
this need to set everyone apart from each other,
to discriminate, to humiliate, to shame, to cause pain,
to feel. superior.
when, in reality we’re all consumed by our own misunderstandings of life.

scared of finding ourselves,
scared of diving into the deepest parts of our own souls,
scared of the truths and pain waiting to be treated, to be understood.
to then bring us peace.

each one of us holds a story,
holds the mystery to ourselves.
never fully knowing our full capacity,
never fully understanding. fear.

we live in a world that’s not black and white that’s, multicolored.
we view life in black and white
through our tinted glasses of despair, and mistrust.
a subjective world, that tries to dull the individual.

Ready to remove those tinted glasses? or, is the comfort of not knowing keeping you stagnant from finding the truth outside and inside of yourself?

Gabriela T ❤

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