I realized tonight what love actually is.It isn’t mentally and physically abusive, but rather healthy and caring.

You never hit me, but you came at me like a man would another. You would hit yourself punch your face over and over again. You would punch things close to me, I feared my life when around you. You played mental games and only cared about yourself. You’re evil.

Love Is not filled with lies and deceitfulness
You will forever be known as a coward.

I pray you never enter my life again.

I should have known the first time You never deserved me or my effort.
Everyone was right I am out of your league.
I am too much woman for you.

I cared for you when no one cared for you when no one was on your side. I fought for your future when you couldn’t. You sat on my bed and begged me to let you drop out of school I picked you up, yet you are absolutely nothing.

I fought for your life when you were on the verge of ending it all. You were “suicidal”, but you were only using that as a threat and an excuse. You’re the scum on the bottom of my shoes. Only a coward would throw that around when they knew how it affects the ones that loved them.

You will never find someone like me.
You don’t and never deserved me.

Tonight I removed the tinted rose-colored glasses and I saw you for what you actually are.

I thank God every day that you’re gone,
and I pray daily that you never come back.

Me and everyone new in my life, everyone who cares and actually loves me honestly anyone who has a heart and soul will agree that you are a horrible person.

Good luck in life.

Don’t ever forget about Karma,
“What goes around, comes back around”.



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    1. onceuponatimeidreamt says:

      Thank you.

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  1. NoTos says:

    Right on!

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