Impenetrable Pt1

By- Gabriela Tejada

White shield of 12.

Caged around her as she protects her universe of danger.

Impenetrable by those trying to break the shield of ivory and red protecting her powers of purity. With the ability to capture you with valves, blind you with the hot blood that squirts out of her pulmonary arteries. She’s ready to protect her human, her universe from you.

Universe of innocence. veins flooded by the fairytales and folktales about this foreign, but yet venomous word called “Love”, Poison that protrudes from your tainted soul.
She thought you were her weakness. Your touch, misuses of poetic words, and affectionate pumps of reds and blues of the fluids of your brain and the black of your heart. She was wrong.

But you weren’t her Kryptonite.

Part 1 of 3

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