Number 12

By-Gabriela Tejada

12. Let him go because you deserve the world, the Sun , the Moon, and all of the stars in the Galaxy.

Let him go because he couldn’t love you like you deserved. He abused you, mistreated you, and left you for dead when he was done.


I wanted you to ground me, be my anchor and help guide me.

You were helping me sink. The anchor tide around my ankles as I slowly drifted to the bottom of the ocean.

I was Drowning in the pain left by your hand’s, your lips, and broken promises.

Disregarding my pleads and cries as I begged..Lord did I beg..

I begged for the life raft of Your love and affection.

All I hear now are unspoken words. The feel and touches of the unforsaken promises that were told to me by you. I fell for you and sadly haven’t gotten up since.

I know what I deserve now, and it’s not the crumbs you were throwing at me

but rather Pure Love, that type of love that will always fight for me and my worth.

Number 12. That’s what I deserve.


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