53 reasons why you should let them go.

  1. They didn’t fight for you.
  2. They did’t care about you when you spent countless hours crying in bed over them.
  3. you weren’t their priority
  4. Let them go because you are better off alone then with someone who did nothing but break your heart over and over again.
  5. They forgot that you were human and also had a heart.
  6. They took advantage of your heart.
  7. They took advantage of you always being there. They assumed that you’d always be there when they felt ready to come back.
  8. They forgot that you were there when no one else was.
  9. Let them go because they are your first for a reason. First, but DEFINITELY not your last.
  10. Let them go because life is too short to cry over someone who doesn’t cry over you!
  11. They didn’t make you feel special anymore.
  12. You should let them go because you deserve the world, the Sun , the Moon, and all of the stars in the Galaxy.
  13. Because you deserve to wake up each day to a good morning  and a goodnight text.
  14. You should let them go because unless you reached out to them they didn’t bother to reach out to you.
  15. Let them go because they broke your trust.
  16. Let them go because you SLAY and they don’t. Find yourself someone who equally Slays at life.
  17. They broke your heart.
  18. Let them go because they aren’t the same person you fell in love with.
  19. Let them go because Love can only take you so far before you realize it’s not enough.
  20. Because you are a beautiful human being, that deserves to be worshiped like the sun and nothing less.
  21. Because you have an unimaginable amount of love to give, but only share that love with someone who deserves it.
  22. They  pushed you away and forgot what you meant to them.
  23. Let them go because your mental and physical health are the only things that matter
  24. Let them go and love yourself.
  25. Let them go so they can realize the diamond that they lost. So they can realize that you are one of a kind and no one else will appreciate and love all of them like you did.
  26. Let them go so you can win. So you can show them that yes, it hurt when they left but you Won. You are happy and you won.
  27. Let them go because you don’t deserve to be their second choice. Priority. Always.
  28. Let them go so you can spend more time doing more of what you love without worrying about them.
  29. Let them go because they let you go.
  30. Let them go because they don’t care about your day to day life anymore. You were once their priority, you once knew about their day, and worried about if they’ve eaten, and got home safe. Now they pushed you so far from their life that you have spent months without hearing from them.
  31. Let them go so you can find REAL LOVE.
  32. Let them go so you can find your REAL self
  33. Let them go so you can rekindle old friendships, and relationships.
  34. Let them go so you can make new meaningful relationships.
  35. Let them go because they forgot that you are beautiful, not only on the outside but the inside.
  36. Let them go so they can be free to realize that other people won’t love their annoying ways like you did.
  37. Let them go so you can finally enjoy life!
  38. Let them Go because deep down you knew he wasn’t the one.
  39. Let them go because you are holding on to the “potential” they had, not the person they are now.
  40. Let them go so that you can buy the cat or dog that they were “allergic” to.
  41. They stopped being your best friend.
  42. They hurt you.
  43. They messed up all you had together. They threw away all the work you both put into each other, and your relationship.
  44. All of your friends tell you you deserve better.( literally ALL of them)
  45. You don’t feel safe with them anymore.
  46. because it’s hurting you more to hold onto something that’s going nowhere.
  47. You’ve thought about breaking up with them throughout the relationship.
  48. You’re living in the past, more than you’re living in reality.
  49. The relationship is too broken to salvage.
  50. Let them go because” you’re a real one and know how to bounce back.”( Big sean. Bounce Back.)
  51. Let them go because you know they weren’t enough.
  52. Let them go for yourself.
  53. Stand up and go to your mirror, tell the person looking back at you that yea it hurts, but you deserve a love like no other, a love only imagined in romance novels. Let them go and love yourself first. Once you love yourself everything else will follow ❀

Love is beautiful. Don’t allow this person to ruin love for you. You are amazing and deserve the world. Never settle.

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright Β© All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

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  1. vidur sahdev says:

    Oh wow! I loved these….will have to come back to read them once again. Thanks for sharing these!!!

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    1. onceuponatimeidreamt says:

      Thank you!

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