When we forget

By- Gabriela Tejada

We become so blind of those in front of us.

The ones who love and appreciate us like no other.

The ones we’ve confined in, that know the raw us, the real us

Have seen us at our best, worst, and in-between.

They remind us how much they love us; how much we mean to them.

Remind us that they will never leave us.

They try to show you a beauty that you’ve been blind to.

Gray colored glasses that blind you to the beauty that is their love,

beauty that you forgot existed.

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  1. NoTos says:

    I sadly know this. I have a wonderful friend who chases after terrible people and often tells me that she doesn’t have any good friends. Blind. But I will never leave her. She’s my friend. I’ll stay by her side even if she doesn’t realize it.

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      That is so tragically beautiful. You’re a great friend for that, but once that relationship starts to affect you please remove yourself from it.🌙

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  2. NoTos says:

    You are quite right. Quite right

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  3. NoTos says:

    Can I use this in a painting? I will be sure to add your info as the original creator.

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