​by Gabriela A.Tejada 

Like the buoy in the middle of an ocean, inside I am calm, at peace. 

I am me. 

Around me there is a storm. 

The winds are high, the waves crash upon me, with all its force trying to move me. But I can’t be moved. Nothing can move something that doesn’t want to be, that is infinite, that is whole. That is completely aware of their strengths and weaknesses, that loves themselves enough to let go.

Let go of pain, of toxicity, of those who aren’t helping me clear the storm and make sure it never returns.

 I’m the buoy in the ocean, surrounded by a sea of emotional distress and painful thoughts, in my head this storm is relentless, but I can’t be moved.

I refuse to be moved.

 I’m the buoy full of peace in the storm. I will not be moved, no one can change me or cause me to lose myself when I know myself.

As the storm subsidies I look around and the once thunderous sky, rough ways, are peaceful.

I have found my paradise.

I have found peace.

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  1. NoTos says:

    I love the pictures that you paint with your words

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      Growing up I was told that that my writing was too “wordy”, as I got older and began to actively/ passionately write I realized that my writing isn’t “wordy”, but rather creating worlds for the mind that you can’t see but only read.

      Liked by 2 people

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