Caught in the Crossfire

By- Gabriela A. Tejada
Mere mortals Chasing waterfalls and long lost forgotten dreams,
Another trip around the sun and the sun finally sets over the horizon of our fleeting love.
Caught in the crossfire of moving on and fighting for our dreams of running away and living under the sun,
surrounded by the haunted memories of the words we never had the guts to say
running away from the pain, till we realize it’s become apart of us.
Run Darling, but our love will follow, this heartbreak will follow you around the world.
These awful feeling of the huge mistakes made, of the painful words we wish we never said,
of our need to relapse to this maleficent drug called Love.
Darling run far, run fast but the memories will haunt you, as you wake up gasping for air in the middle of a panic attack when you look around and I’m not there
Run, far but run with your heart and not your mind
 follow your heart and run back to me
Where you belong .


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  1. Reading it I was lost somewhere…I started to think about the Memories that haunted me all nights..Fake smile with all those lies. Even when we know we’ll get hurt we still wanna try shadow love.. Deep & Nicely penned. Good job !

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  2. NoTos says:

    Very intense and compassionate. Heartbreaking. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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