What am I?

By- Gabriela A. Tejada

It’s the thorns of a rose and the pain of the cut made by your first love,

The colors of the sunset above the ocean, where you see the bond of the crashing waves and full moon above, Bonded by nature, untouchable by the impurity of mans crooked ways and harmful thoughts,

The infinite possibilities of interpretation and misunderstanding of the realities and misconstrued ways in which we see ourselves and others,

The beauty of a soft kiss on your cold lips on dark nights, in the back of your father’s car. Surrounded by the excitement and anxiety of being so close yet so far from the overwhelming wave of love,


With the blink of an eye it’s all gone.


With it possibilities and memories of love so red and pain so purple and blue, it’s become a blurr. Laughs of loved ones and feelings so pure they still shake our very core.

If given the choice we’d do it all over again.

Beautiful isn’t it ?


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