My street

 I look up at the stars and I dream of
 Warm summer nights filled with laughter, cold winter’s day filled with love
 I speak to the Moon about what she’s seen and the pain she’s endured, she winks back as I tell her of the pain I’ve lived through while she was gone and the Sun was up
I come back to Earth and look around at the trees and the streets that have watched me grow up and become who I’m becoming
 I turn in circles trying to capture it all while building new memories on the street around my home that has seen more tears and wet kisses than any man or woman can imagine
 I look up again feeling my heart pump with the pain of the memories I’m forced to relive and experience, I try hard to forget it all but they haunt me like unsaid words and unappreciated moments
 I turn to walk back home, giving the Moon a farewell kiss, taking a deep breath I look around to see who’s watching as I dry my tears and build my walls up
 Time to go back into my temporary reality.


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