By- Julia Cabrera

It was cold and you were warm.

your hands held mine tightly,
you constantly spoke into my ears.
It was beautiful.
we spoke all night and you stared at me.
you did all the boyfriend things you never did,
For once it felt like it was just me and you.
Two people who love each other.

We were going to make it.
Going against the odds,
You and Me boy, were great
in that moment .
I was all you needed and you were everything I dreamed of.
But, I shouldn’t only seem beautiful to you when there is no one else to look at.
I should make you quiver.

love, the real kind does that.
“I can’t be with you” you said.
“It would never work” you said.
“you are like the sunshine
and I am a black hole” You whispered
“I will suck you all in and destroy you ..”

I laid with you, & YOU WERE RIGHT.

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  1. NoTos says:

    (I’m very surprised that there are not more comments. I can’t read these without responding.) This poems hurts. But (?) He had the consideration to tell you it wouldn’t work. Rather than letting you believe that you were building something, only to find out later that he knew all along that it was impossible. Ugh.

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      I actually didn’t write this poem, my cousin Julia did. She was in a horrible relationship that spanned 5 years, when she sent me this I was finally able to understand how hard that relationship was for her. She’s out of that relationship now, but when she sent me this last year it made me sad to realize that many of us go through one relationship that is just horribly wrong and toxic for us. It’s good and bad. Bad because they caused us pain, good because we grow so much and learn so much about ourselves through these lessons/ relationships. Now, we know what we deserve form our partner and that we should never settle for half-assed Love.

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