All of us

By- Gabriela Tejada

We all have a story.

The world turns round, and so does our lives.

New people, Old people

Same pain, New pain

Lost love, love of our lives.


We all have a story.

A story that defines who we are,

Who we’ve become, and who we’re becoming.


Lost job, lost lives

Depression, oppression

Divorce, disorders.


I look around and I see thousands of faces

Sad, happy, anxious, heartbroken, lonely,

And they all have a reason, a story.


I know that while you’re reading this your thinking about yours,

Because I’m thinking about mine.


I’ve learned that while you might think your story is

small, boring, insignificant,

It’s important because it’s made you who you are so far.


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  1. NoTos says:

    Every day we write another page in or story

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      One thing we have as writers is that one day when we’re old and grey we can sit down and reread our life through our words. Each book we’ve written, each poem and verse will take us back to that place, and we will never forget the beauty of our life because it will live for eternity through our words.

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