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Beautiful but intangible.

I stare at you at night

With your bright gleaming halo

My need for just a glimpse of you





The joy I receive from just a ray of your orb

Mi luna coqueta

Winking at me letting me know that you are listening

Answering my silent pleading for company

They will never understand as I lay here watching you

Why you were made for me

Why you consume my very being

My only rescue from this


called earth

Like your dark side

My welting heart hides


Engulfed  by my own darkness

You stream yellow light through the cracks

Calming me

They don’t understand

The fear

the darkness that you bring

The myths and the legends of your powers

Cowards aren’t they?

Well its mourning  now

You are gone

But I know you will return

Farewell my lover

Until the darkness let’s us meet again.

Gabriela T ❤

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  1. NoTos says:

    In college I was on the school rowing team. Then after I rowed a little bit for the city. I was always more saddened by the Moon’s departure than the Sun’s arrival. (Also, our boat was named the “Luna Dora”) 😊

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    1. TheAstronomicalPoet says:

      Rowing at night must be breathtaking.
      I actually plan on getting my first tattoo on my birthday in January. I plan on getting a crescent Moon with the Aquarius constellation. My emotions move with the phases of the Moon ‘Mi Luna’ and I completely understand the sadness that comes with the morning.

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      1. NoTos says:

        Your writing ha on many imporantint things that I have long since forgotten or orignored. It’s strange how agood poet van do that. I am a child of the seas a djthe starys, simtheynalsomfigue prominently in my writing. I want to find a one only for you. I think I’m getting close.


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